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Social Ads enables brands to programmatically amplify high quality influencer content as advertisements, via the account of the creator. This unique approach combines the authenticity and credibility of influencer marketing with the targeting and measurement capabilities of social media advertising.

Powered by Proprietary Technology

SocialAds is a modern and flexible solution anchored by proprietary technology. Ensure that your ads reach desired audience groups with refined targeting capabilities and monitor all KPIs in a single, real-time dashboard. Compare advertising metrics for each influencer to see who’s performing best and utilize our software to generate intuitive reporting. Furthermore, SocialAds stores your influencer content in a gallery, creating a quick and easy way to access top-performing content for repurposing in other channels.

Four Major Advantages

Influencer Appeal

Credible, authentic and inspiring influencer content.

100% Scalable

Investments into social ads are easily scalable, regardless of budget or the reach of the influencers.

Refined Targeting

Ad targeting can be matched exactly with any brands target audience(s).

Perfectly Measurable

Results are accurately measured via precise tracking of all relevant KPIs.

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