Transform Influencer Content into Scalable Advertisements

Deliver Targeted Impressions to Engage More Consumers with
Authentic Brand Content

Increase the reach and impact of influencer content within the right audiences.

Social Ads enables brands to programmatically amplify high quality influencer content, via the social accounts of their influencer partners. Effectively combining the authenticity and credibility of influencer marketing with the refined targeting and measurement capabilities of social media advertising, this unique 'influencer 2.0' approach is proven to drive increased brand awareness, engagement and conversion within the audiences that matter most.  



Content Library

Keep track of all content that features your brand. Easily access and boost content from current influencer partners, and keep tabs on who is organically speaking about your brand across social media. 

  • Track all content that mentions your brand
  • Access organic insights for influencer content
  • Identify authentic brand ambassadors

Amplify your Content


  • Set a budget and target audience
  • Scale your campaign to reach more consumers

Avoid letting your influencer content vanish into the depths of social feeds. Define a budget and reach a larger audience. 

  • Select your content

Intuitive Reporting

Our advanced dashboard leverages proprietary technology to provide real-time measurement of content performance metrics, including cost per mille (CPM) and cost per click (CPC). 


  • Compare metrics to assess influencer performance
  • Download campaign reports as a PDF
  • Track all relevant KPIs

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